Wintersun & Peter Cunnah (Current Release)

Soundtrack (ATO502 & ATO503)

Soundtrack is the debut release for
Wintersun & Peter Cunnah.
The single has aready been a hit with UK Clubs, equipped with a list of heavy hitters on dj support.
Soundtrack has a vocal unlike anything you will have heard from Peter, Wintersun providing a seamless blend of style to the mix.

DJ Support so far:
Jerry Bonham, Nick Fiorucci, Samer (Spundae), Mark Loverush, Gary Cannavo, Kel Sweeney.

You can buy straight from these links:


Wintersun & Prospect Park (ARCHIVE)

Movin On (ATO501) Unreleased

This is a rework of the Prospect Park classic, Movin On which Wintersun produced for flawless records over seven years ago.
The release sold a respectable amount of copy.

The track features the powerful and soulful vocals of the legendary Carolyn Harding.

The track is available as a free download on soundcloud for a limited time.

Wintersun twitter: